Hollywood Hair

In Trends on May 18, 2010 at 12:58 pm

Ever wonder what you would look like with your favorite celebs hair cut/style? Well, thanks to InStyle’s fabulous web-site you can now have your “Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover” and get a glimpse of what a new hair cut or color would look like!

I just discovered this web -site earlier today and I’m obsessed!! It’s  so fun and at the same time I’m able to see what hair styles I should definitely stay away from and which ones actually complement the shape of my face and skin tone. You just upload your picture, outline your facial features and voila!

You can choose from hundreds of celebrity styles and hair colors AND you can even adjust the hair style to contour to your face (less/more volume). Seriously… it’s fascinating.

I have a hair appointment next Tuesday and I’ve been browsing every fashion mag for some ideas- wish I knew about this earlier…

Which do you think suits me best??

*p.s. they also have celebrity up-do’s and styles for special occasions!

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