Oh My Gauze!

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on May 12, 2010 at 2:22 am

When we think of gauze we typically refer to using this textile for medical purposes, right?  Well, not anymore! The newest trend gliding its way into the mainstream is Gauze Clothing! This sheer, loosely woven textile is so breathable you will feel as if you’re wearing air. In this blazing-hot state (Florida) this is a wish come true!

Gauze, originally made from silk, is now traditionally made from 100% cotton. This allows the fabric to be completely washable, will not shrink and best of all – no ironing is necessary! Due to the delicate nature of this fabric though, it should be handled with care. So, make sure you read the care labels!

Gauze clothing has been a great addition to the ‘go-green’ epidemic. Not only is the fabric all natural, it’s free-flowing movement is casual yet sexy,  allowing your silhouette to shape the garment.

I have come across a wider selection than I thought would be available for this niche market. Retail stores such as Old Navy and designers like Marc Jacobs offer bright and trendy pieces made from 100% cotton gauze. Gauze clothing can be worn both day and night to the beach or out to dinner. Right now, gauze fabric is used to produce summer garments due to its sheer qualities. In the world of fashion, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this trend trickle into the winter.

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