You Got Mail: Just in the “IT” Bikini

In Fashion, Trends, Updates on April 22, 2010 at 2:44 pm

That’s right ladies, run to your mailboxes for the Victoria Secrets 2010 swimwear issue. Push aside all those holiday bills and the junk mail and dive right in to a fun-filled summer under the sun in Victoria Secrets new “IT” bikini. The “IT” bikini offers separates ranging from $14.50-$29.00. Most women are not the same size on top as they are on the bottom so purchasing a bikini that retails separate sizes is what I call a ‘perfect deal’. I have been purchasing Victoria Secret’s swimwear since I started, er…uh…developing (if you know what I mean). I use to have trouble fitting into bikinis that only came in one size such as a small or a medium. The small bottoms were always too small for my J-Lo booty and the medium tops were way too big for my less fortunate top. So, if you’re reading this and nodding your head “yes!” then I’m sure you agree that separates are the way to go! Large bottom? Small top? Doesn’t matter, the choice is yours!

So why is the “IT” bikini the must have suit for the beach? Let me break it down for you:

2 Beach Sexy Style Tops

Push-up Halter Top

Twist Bandeau Top

I recommend the Push-up Halter Top, for all cup sizes, hence, the word ‘push-up’. The Twist Bandeau Top requires a little something to help keep the girls up so I do not recommend this style for A-cuppers!

The traditional double-string bottom will hug your hips just where necessary. This year have more fun with your curves though and consider the adjustable hot shorts. This cut gives you a choice of moderate or full back coverage with adjustable sides sitting straight across the hips. If you’re like me this summer and are feeling daring; go for the Brazilian bottom! Yes, it has minimal back coverage but just think less tan lines!

Along with the excellent choices on tops and bottoms, you have over 20 color and beach prints for your desired “IT” bikini this year. When choosing your color or print always remember to be bright, be bold.

For more styles, colors, and prints go to

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