Creating A Perfect First Date Outfit!

In Fashion, Trends on March 25, 2010 at 5:23 am

As a little girl we were told that one day Prince Charming would come. Unfortunately, we cannot sit around and wait for him to rescue us out of our castles, so we must go out and find him. Single ladies…embrace the dating game! The most nerve-wracking thing about a first date, besides sparking a conversation, is the preparation: what to and what not to wear. You want to create a look that says the right thing. First impressions are important and must send the right signal. Let’s begin……

Whether you are going on a trip to a museum or catching a flick, create a look that’s low-key and playful but not skanky! Fashion’s security blanket denim jeans are always a safe route to take. You should pick a nice cut and color that will flatter your body, but stay away from baggy jeans…there is nothing flattering about a shaggy bottom!

When you’re walking into that date confident with your head held high , a classic pump should be gliding your way. You can never go wrong with a pump, they’re sexy yet serious. Also, flat, knee-high boots over a skinny jean shows that you’re fun and outgoing, yet the height is still casual and trendy. As for the rest of the outfit, look for a shirt that shows off your curves but does not have a plunging neckline…the girls should not make an appearance right away, so cover them up!

Always accessorize. A girl can never have too many bangles, but stay away from hats. Let them see your beautiful face with minimal make-up. Top your look off with some breathe-taking perfume that will hypnotize him. When in doubt, throw on a boyfriend blazer over your look (I recommend white for spring) and be your fabulous self!

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