Witness the Retro-Futuristic Style of Tomorrow

In Designers on September 15, 2009 at 7:34 am

The retro and rebellion rocker era of the 80’s inspires modern fashion of today. Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009 sponsor, Jay’s Fabric Center presents Ben Chmura who will bring fierce retro-futurism to Fashion Week.

Ben Chmura started by earning a B.F.A in Fashion Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2001. This talented designer was recognized early with the strong prediction of him succeeding in the fashion industry. My face literally turned green with envy when I learned that Ben met Andre Leon Talley, Vogue magazine Editor-at-Large! I can only imagine sitting across the table from the great Andre Leon Talley… trying not to drool or faint and suffering word vomit to express my love for Vogue. Ben Chmura was one of the four senior students to have the honor of dinner with Andre to discuss fashion and career plans.

After living in New York City and freelancing for companies such as TSE, Men’s Express, Ralph Lauren and American Eagle, Ben Chmura moved south to Tampa, FL. He has designed several collections living in Florida including Red Hood, Ozamapoliten, Welcome to the Jungle, Azteca and Venom. Ben also participates in many fashion shows throughout the Tampa Bay area, including his own Sweat Shop show.

I love the mix of unique retro style meets fierce rocker futuristic flair that he creates in his collections. Ben gives fans, male and female, quality designs that are effectively moving forward in fashion.

No time machine is necessary to see the future of fashion! Although… there will be lights, music and fast speed! Destination… Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009 where Ben Chmura’s newest collection will be shown.

chmura 1

chmura venom


Ben’s designs in the 2009 FWTB event will feature material from Jay’s Fabric Center, which helps meet designers’ needs with fabric, notions, sewing kits, home decorating supplies and more. They provide classes for beginner sewers and great customer service specialists who are happy to help you with your sewing project. Click here for more information about Jay’s Fabric Center in St. Petersburg, FL.

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