Michael Della Penna: Around the World and Through the Decades

In Designers on September 13, 2009 at 8:18 pm

Creatively inspired at a very young age, Michael Della Penna has grown to thrive as an award-winning hair designer and is now showcasing his first collection at Fashion Week Tampa Bay. As a young boy, Michael was tremendously inspired by the style of the Beatles and other music, movie and TV celebrities of the Sixties.

Michael first ventured his creative spirits into hair design and was closely involved in the World Hair Championships for over 25 years, winning over 20 US titles, the European Championships in Strasbourg, France and the World Championships in Moscow, Russia in 2006. Through the World Hair Championships, Michael was able to showcase his hair art, fashion and total looks in several countries, such as: Paris, Berlin, Milan, Moscow, Budapest, Amsterdam, Vienna, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo. These opportunities allowed Michael to study and become inspired by each countries culture, style and way of life.

“Travel is one of the greatest gifts and educational experiences that someone can reflect upon. The exposure to different cultures, thinking and languages has allowed me to view simple things differently and sometimes out-of-the-box,” said Michael Della Penna.

With all his accomplishments, Michael has decided to venture back into the fashion he loves. While his new line is being premiered at Fashion Week Tampa Bay, Michael says we can expect some “interesting combinations of exciting colors and fabrics and designs that should have an impact.”

“I’m very grateful and happy for the opportunity that Fashion Week Tampa Bay has given to me to showcase my designs. I feel this is the beginning for me of many beautiful experiences in the fashion industry.”

We are very excited to welcome Michael Della Penna to Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009 and are looking forward to seeing what a mixture of passion, creativity, exotic lands and style can become. Purchase your tickets online now to Fashion Week Tampa Bay and experience for yourself the designs of a man who has caught the eyes of beauty and fashion editors in the U.S. and Italy!

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