HPNOTIQ: Just One of the Fashionable Ladies!

In Events, Fashion, Updates on August 31, 2009 at 6:22 pm

Blue La La. HPNOTIQ, official liqueur of Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009, is what happens when vodka, cognac and fruit go out with the girls.


We are very excited to have HPNOTIQ as the “Official Liqueur” of Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009. They understand how to make a drink fashionable, glamorous and tasty for stylish women who love to have a good time.

Whether you’re enjoying your drink or elegantly posing with it, the mixture of your perfect outfit and your aqua blue drink will turn heads. It’s sure to help create an evening worth remembering as you enjoy the fashion shows and after parties of Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009. Be an introvert another night because HPNOTIQ and the ladies will be out in full force during Fashion Week Tampa Bay!

Night School for Girls is fabulous for HPNOTIQ fans! To officially become a member, go to their website and create your personalized ID card so you’re up to date on all the Night School functions.

You can upload pictures of your great night out with HPNOTIQ or view pictures from all over the country including Tampa and Orlando. I’m sure pictures from Tampa Bay Fashion Week will be uploaded in the Night School gallery soon enough! You can “fab your friends” by making a video, taking quizzes, and downloading HPNOTIQ pictures for your phone or desktop.

Now let’s mix it up! Fashionable girls understand that something great contains different parts that are combined and matched together like creating a stylish outfit. I love the juicy recipes that HPNOTIQ provides us. Read the recipes below and let me know how they turn out!

hpnotiqSignature Drink: Blue Orchid

2oz. Hpnotiq

1oz. Super Premium Vanilla Vodka

Splash of Orange Juice

Pour over ice then stir and serve!

hpnotiq 2Martini: Aqua Marine

2oz. Hpnotiq

1oz. Pineapple Juice

1oz. Crème de Banana

Shake well and strain in a cooled martini glass!

Think wisely. Drink wisely. For more recipes or information, go to In about three more weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy this fabulous beverage ~ HPNOTIQ at Fashion Week Tampa Bay! Note: Only for those 21 years of age and up who, of course, don’t look a day older than [insert your fabulous age].

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