Troy Anthony: 2009 Fashion Week Tampa Bay Designer

In Designers on August 26, 2009 at 5:52 am

Fashion Week Tampa Bay welcomes designer Troy Anthony and his label, Dynamyk Threadz. Educated at the International Academy of Design and Technology and the Institute of Marangoni in Milan, Italy, Troy has expanded his talent into one of the Bay area’s celebrated clothing companies. While Troy designs for both men and women, his passion is creating women’s garments that instill a sense of confidence and style. Troy Anthony produces what he calls “wearable couture” with a touch of urban and island flair. With an emphasis in diversity and couture, Troy combines street style and high-fashion to give women the freedom to style for a variety of occasions while maintaining the same level of class, elegance and flair. Come check out Troy Anthony and Dynamyk Threadz at Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009!





  1. i think troy anthony is definite shinning star…

  2. Watch out for this designer as he continues to get better!

  3. Good blog on Fashion week

  4. Good blogging on fashion week

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