Event News: Allure by La’Daska Mechelle

In Events on August 17, 2009 at 1:12 pm

Friday night, Sept. 14, flashed a spotlight on local designer, La’Daska Powell. Allure was hosted by 2009 featured designer, Ivanka Ska of House of Ska and The Art of Modeling and Runway Studio. A former featured designer in the Academy Student Showcase at Fashion Week Tampa Bay, La’Daska’s passion for fashion design sparked her inspiration to create her own line. Thus, the La’Daska Mechelle label was born…

Allure by La’Daska Mechelle Spring/Summer 2010

LaDaska Mechelle

LaDaska Mechelle3

LaDaska Mechelle5

LaDaska Mechelle9

A chic runway show on the rooftop of the Westin hotel, set the fashion tone for trendy, edgy swimwear designs in various color and textures…

LaDaska Mechelle13

LaDaska Mechelle17

LaDaska Mechelle19

LaDaska Mechelle21

Keep up with La’Daska Mechelle, and be the first to know when Allure hits retail, at La’Daska Mechelle.

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