Street Style in Tampa Bay

In Fashion, Trends on July 31, 2009 at 12:44 pm

An abundance of lavish colors indicate summer is in full swing. Meet Naomi, a Tampa resident fashionista who loves the brightness of the summer months. I spotted Naomi leisurely shopping with her husband and loved the bright texture of her sandals and the chunky green necklace she paired with a floral print tank and jean capris. “I’m a very bold person and usually choose bright colors to wear. Right now yellows and greens are my favorite but I change with the seasons,” Naomi said.

Claiming she has over 200 pairs of shoes and several coach bags, Naomi said her fashion obsessions are accessories. “I always wear high heels. This is the only style flat I wear but I’m definitely an accessory person.” Naomi said she doesn’t have a particular style icon but loves the designs of Michael Kors, Ann Taylor and Coach.

Naomi describes her style and personality as eccentric and cheery, and says good simple makeup, comfortable jeans and shoes are the tips she would give to future fashionistas.



The Fashion Week Tampa Bay stylistas are out and about so stay stylish and maybe you will be featured in the next Street Style segment!

  1. you r really pretty

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