Michael Jackson: What’s your favorite decade look?

In Fashion, Updates on July 1, 2009 at 11:27 am

The only thing I love more than Michael Jackson’s sick dance moves in classic songs like Thriller was his unique style. From the 70’s fro to the 80’s glove to the 90’s jackets to the 2000’s surgical mask. The King of Pop rocked looks that were always memorable and iconic. Which decade look is your favorite for Michael Jackson? Vote!

Talent certainly runs in the Jackson family! Michael and his brothers made up the 1970s music sensation- The Jackson 5. Even as a child, this cutie stood out to the world as a talented vocalist who could put on an unforgettable performance. I loved watching young Michael performing songs like “I Want You Back” with the Jackson 5 in those platform boots which couldn’t have been easy. I’m lucky enough to walk a few blocks in high heels! Nothing says 1970s like an afro hair-do and bell bottom pants to boogie down at the disco.

mj 1970s

A king was born in the 1980s. That is the King of Pop! Michael Jackson totally embraced the rough and tough rocker look of the 1980s. Mike’s love for rock music made a huge inspiration in his wardrobe but his style still had originality that couldn’t compare to others. His iconic look was created in the 1980s- a military jacket, tight pants and one white glove. It must take an outstanding dancer and sheer talent to pull off those dance moves wearing extremely tight pants in his famous and theatrical music video for Thriller.

mj 1980s

The 1990s stood out to me the most with Michael’s flashy, metallic clothing matched with extreme jewelry and accessories. He really took chances with fashion like wearing outfits with gold underwear over his pants for outerwear. It sounds like that outfit was perfect for his famous clutch grab move. Michael Jackson brought a new flashy style to the pop world in the 1990s inspiring current stars like Britney Spears, John Mayer and Justin Timberlake. No wonder he was crowned as the King of Pop!

mj 1990s

mj 1990s underwear

Something about the new millennium changed Michael’s style from flashy in the 1990s to simple suits in 2000. His music was still alive but things were certainly different with Michael Jackson’s post-surgery appearance. He continued being fashion forward with outfits that were more relaxed and simple like an all black suit.

mj 2000s

mj 2000s 2

Michael Jackson has made an enormous impact not only on the music world but also the fashion world. We will all miss you and “want you back!” R.I.P

Which decade look is your favorite for Michael Jackson?

  1. I hope they bury him upside down so that the world can kiss his ass. He would not and cannot say this but I can!!

  2. The 90’s were my favorite look-gorgeous!
    However the pics you showed from the decade 2000 he looked really good too. A mature look.
    Sorry if I cheated a little. sb

  3. I can only say that there would be no other pop star like michael jackson. ^

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