Lagerfeld Food For Thought

In Fashion on June 10, 2009 at 7:28 pm

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, the creative genius behind that classic Chanel that we all adore was quoted saying: “Fashion is the healthiest motivation for loosing weight.”

This quote got me to thinking about some of my favorite spots to grab food in Tampa that aren’t going to pack on the pounds! After all, Lagerfeld’s quote is dead on. I want to fit into those gorgeous outfits!

Thai Ruby is hands down my favorite lunch spot. It’s a small family-owned restaurant located in New Tampa. As soon as you walk in, the décor will make you feel as though you’re a guest at a family’s home in Thailand. Its dim lighting along with the brightly colored pillows and the elephant shaped salt and pepper shakes  make you feel like you’re no longer in the middle of a New Tampa shopping plaza. Dishes are served in smaller perfect portions, there are a variety of tofu items and most dishes include a hearty serving of veggies.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to satisfy your hunger, there are two healthy fast food options that quickly come to mind, Evo’s and Mellow Mushroom.  Evo’s is the antithesis to fast food, bringing you baked (not fried) fries, veggie burgers, organic ingredients and soy options. You should definitely give some of the options a try because you’d be surprised how yummy they can taste.  Mellow Mushroom offers pizza lovers a healthier alternative, with 5 different kinds of vegetarian pizzas and even whole wheat crust. There has to be something there that you’ll love that is also good for you!

For all of you out there who would prefer to just go ahead and whip up your own delicious healthy meal, there is Whole Foods and the Publix GreenWise market in South Tampa.  Both of these places offer you a large selection of organic and veggie options. Both locations also have a selection of hot meals ready for you as well. Take a look at Whole Foods’ Brazilian Cobb Salad:


For more information on healthy dining options you can visit:

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