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Street Style in Tampa

In Fashion, Trends on August 13, 2009 at 12:26 am

This week’s fashionista shows us how to mix flashy pieces with style. Alexis describes her personality and style as loud, creative and classic; and she struts her stuff with confidence. IN this image she has paired a black tank with a flirty floral mini and tan flats with silver and gold leaf embellishments. Alexis says her secret to matching busy patterns is to pair them with a solid color as an accent.

With such a creative flair I had to ask Alexis about her favorite fashion item. Every stylista needs a little black dress and this, according to Alexis, is one of her most prized closet possessions. Her must-have beauty and fashion tip mirrors our previous Street Style fashionistas: be comfortable. If you find yourself saying, “I love these heels and they’re really cute but they hurt,” go with the comfy choice. Beauty is pain does not apply to Alexis. “At the end of the night you’ll wish you wore the more comfortable pair. It’ll show too,” says Alexis.



The Fashion Week Tampa Bay Stylistas are out and about so stay stylish and maybe you will be featured in the next Street Style segment!

Street Style in Tampa Bay

In Fashion, Trends on August 6, 2009 at 11:36 pm

Meet Shima, a multitasking mom who values comfort and versatility as much as style. Shima was out wearing dark washed skinny jeans and a black and white floral sweater over a black tank accessorized by a red scarf, beaded headband and a white Michael Kors watch. Fabulous! The outfit is definitely versatile as it can work for running errands, meeting a friend for lunch or picking up her son from school. “I try to dress comfortably and functional but classy. I like pieces that stand the test of time so I tend to dress in neutrals with a tiny pop of color or add an accessory that stands out and modernizes it,” said Shima describing her style.

This classic stylista also admits that accessories, such as big rings and funky necklaces, always catch her eye as she walks into a store. “They’re great because no matter what mood you’re in, they always work.” As for must-have beauty tip, Shima said the protective power of sunscreen is a must!


The Fashion Week Tampa Bay Stylistas are out and about so stay stylish and maybe you will be featured in the next Street Style segment!

Pop-Up Shops

In Trends, Updates on July 13, 2009 at 11:12 pm

Temporary shops started to “pop up” onto the scene a few years ago and their success has led to many branches of these Pop-Up shops. The shops appear for a short while and just as quickly as they appeared, they then…disappear.  Pop-Up shops have largely been retail, with many designers and brands opening up these temporary locations, selling their merchandise and moving on.

However, Pop-Up is not limited to clothing.  Delta Airlines opened up a shop when they first launched their Song brand (which is no longer in operation…and not because it popped in as a Pop-Up). Overseas there have been pop-up hotels and nightclubs as well.

The Pop-Up trend seems to have caught Ebay‘s eye.

This past weekend Ebay had its own online version of a pop-up shop, advertised solely with a tab on their front page for new fashion deals. The featured designer goods were from Cole Haan and were listed for just 2 days.  This new fashion deals feature is being tested out right now with sellers, so be sure to visit the page frequently so that you don’t miss out on some great designer deals!

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